We do metalworking!

Shaping steel.

Our experienced locksmiths all have access to manufacturing facilities so that they may inexpensively assemble parts according to drawings and customer quality requirements. We give shape to individual parts using our rounding machine and bending press.

We place special emphasis on correct weld seam preparation.

Parts of various lengths and widths may be mounted to our flexibly designed assembly work stations. Assembly tables are available for the construction of installation devices specifically for the production of small series or repetitive parts.

These assembly tables are designed for small batches of two to ten parts. Parts may be fitted correctly and according to process on an assembly surface of 2,500 x 6,000 mm.



We can weld!

We carry out welding techniques.

Using the MAG process, we weld in compliance with the relevant regulations.  The experience of our certified welders is the most important facet of our work stations. Our welders are supported by the very latest welding equipment. The welding turntables are used if necessary which facilitate the welding process and make it more reliable.

A U.S. assessment of the weld seams may be carried out upon customer request.

Welding turntables

Schöckingen facility:
15 t turntable  with a clamping surface of ​​3,000 x 3,000 mm for large parts
2.5 t turntable for smaller parts