We handle twice as much with two facilities!

Steady expansion of HINZ machine parts.

To make sure we’re always on the ball, we steadily adapt to the current reality of the market. This led to the construction of a second facility which has since been expanded according to requirements. HINZ machine parts never shy away from investment when it comes to reacting to and staying on the market.



Facility 1

Hinz GmbH
Daimlerstraße 3-5
71254 Ditzingen-Schöckingen 
Tel. 07156 9555-0 • Fax  07156 9555-11
E-Mail info@hinz-mbt.de

Facility 2

Hinz GmbH
Langwiesenstraße 14
74363 Güglingen-Frauenzimmern 
Tel. 07135 97405-0 • Fax 07135 97405-25