We have history.

Our company throughout time. The development of HINZ Maschinenbauteile.

Since its foundation by Mr Wilhelm Hinz in 1960, HINZ GmbH has been an entrepreneur-led family company. The move to the newly constructed plant in Ditzingen-Schöckingen took place in 1963. At first the plant only produced welded parts, but we added stress-relieving and blasting to our portfolio very quickly. We reacted to the growing demands of the market and founded Plant II in Güglingen in 1985 to allow us to mechanically process and finish large parts. This plant was expanded again in 1991, 2006, and 2009.

In the meantime, the company has expanded so that complete mechanical parts of up to 50 tonnes are now available. Parts of up to 80 tonnes are possible in mechanical processing.

Hinz Maschinenbauteile was taken over by Mr Ulrich König and his wife Doris König in 2003 and is currently being led into a market-oriented future by Mr Ulrich König and his son Markus König, supported by Mrs Doris König.